Hamax snow sledges children having fun

Advice for a safe day on the slopes

Safety in the slopes

  • All assembly must be performed by an adult.
  • Always make sure your child is supervised and that conditions are right for safe sledding.
  • Children less than 3 years should have back support and be supervised by an adult.
  • Please note that children under 3 years old have difficulties to control and coordinate speed, braking and turning.
  • Always use the proper equipment, such as helmets, gloves, warm shoes and warm clothes.
  • Follow the maximum load recommendation for the product.
  • The hill/slope must be free of trees, rocks and other obstacles.
  • The hill/slope must never cross or end in a busy road or street.
  • Remember that high speed and hard, icy surfaces make it difficult to steer and brake.
  • Long draw cord and loose hanging clothes, e.g. a scarf, can give risk of choking.
  • Do not make any modifications to the sledge that could in any way reduce its safety.
  • Do not taw behind a motorized vehicle.
  • For sledges / toboggans without brakes or steering, use feet and / or move your body weight to steer and brake.
  • To clean the sledge use only lukewarm mild soap water. Hamax recommend that the sledge is stored under roof when not in use.