Here you will find answers to common questions

  • Caress: What does C1, C2, C3 etc. in the product name mean?

    C1, C2 or C3 is stated on the outer carton, and can be regarded as production batch numbers. Although with different designators for each year, the Caress seats are all the same. All seats are at all times certified according to EN14344.

  • We want to use our child bike seat on two bikes. How can we do this?

    If you buy an additional fastening bracket, then you will be able to move the child bike seat between the two bikes. Additional fastening brackets can be bought from your nearest Hamax dealer.

  • The child bike seat comes into contact with the wheel/luggage carrier. What can I do?

    Hamax supplies additional fastening bars for smaller frame sizes. We also supply bars that allow the angle of the seat to be adjusted forwards and backwards and that allow the seat to be lowered. Contact your nearest Hamax dealer to order a hoop which is suitable for your bike. The bars can be viewed under accessories.

  • Can any of Hamax’s seats be reclined?

    Yes. Hamax Caress, Siesta (20 degrees), Amaze, Zenith Relax and Sleepy (12,5 degrees) can be reclined.

  • Can I lock my child bike seat to my bike?

    Yes. Hamax supplies a bracket with a lock which will reduce the risk of your seat being stolen.

  • The regular hitch on the bicycle trailer does not fit my bike. I need a 12 mm thru-axle.

    12 mm thru axles

    Hamax supply two different 12 mm thru-axles:

    12 mm axle, 1,0 mm tread HAM490010
    12 mm axle, 1,5 mm tread HAM490011

    Should you need other models or want to learn more about 12 mm axles, please visit https://robertaxleproject.com/cargo-child-trailers/

  • Should one use a helmet when sledding?

    Hamax always recommend wearing a helmet when sledding, for both children and adults.

  • I have worn out/lost parts on my Hamax sledge, can I get replacements?

    Most parts can be replaced, please contact your nearest Hamax dealer.

  • Does Hamax have a sled for me?

    Hamax have snow racing sleds for all ages and levels. We refer to our product description for details re recommended age, weight and level.