Choose Hamax outback biketrailer or Hamax Avenida biketrailer

Outback or Avenida biketrailer?

Hamax Outback:

A true multifunctional child carrier. In addition to the bicycle arm and the stroller wheel, which accompany the trailer, you may obtain a jogging kit and a skiing kit.

Hamax multifunctional child carrier can be used as biketrailer, stroller, jogger and with skiing kit

If needed, a baby insert can be installed, for kids as young as 6 months old. The Outback can be used in all kinds of weather. In three layers it has a sun screen for the front and top window, a mesh to protect the child from insects and gravel from the road, and finally a transparent front cover to prevent wind and rain from entering the cockpit. The wheels are solid and puncture proof (Schwalbe) and are great for riding on different road surfaces.

The Outback has an exceptionally big rear storing room.

Hamax Outback biketrailer with large storage

If the child gets sleepy during the ride, the seat back is reclineable, so that the child can rest comfortably.

Hamax Outback biketrailer with reclineable seats. Child sleeping

Hamax Avenida:

The Avenida also comes with a bicycle arm and a stroller wheel.

Hamax Avenida biketrailer shown as a biketrailer and a stroller

It is built slender, and is very easy to manoeuvre if you bring it into a shopping mall or a coffee shop.

The Avenida is very easy and intuitive to fold, either for storing or for transportation in the back of your car.

Hamax Avenida biketrailer folded

The sunshade is extra long, but can also be folded half way down and fastened, so that the view of the child remains intact. The front covers are easily fastened by means of hooks and loops and can be stored in a top pocket when not in use.

Avenida also has a large rear storage room.

Avenida biketrailer has a spacious storage