Twin-Tip Surfer

For tough children!

If you like high speed and fun, then the snow surfers with their smooth sliding surfaces are just the ticket. The Twin-Tip Surfer is for tough children who like riding in both directions. Cool design that appeals to slightly older children.

Forwards, sideways and round and round

The surfer has two sets of handles so that several persons can ride at the same time. It is also easy to carry up the slope.
Suitable for slopes without obstacles, as the surfer slides forwards, sideways and round and round. Young children should be supervised by an adult.

Don’t forget to wear a helmet!

A high speed can be easily attained, so don’t forget to wear a helmet!

Hamax Twin tip surfer snow sled


  • Cool, new design
  • Twin-Tip
  • Two sets of handles for one or more persons

Length: 1.2 m
Approved: CE Approved PE foam material/HDPE sliding surface
Recommended maximum load: 80 kg
Recommended minimum age: 4 years

User manuals