Winter storage of bicycle and Hamax bicycle child seat

It is autumn and winter is at hand.

Many of us the put our bicycle and child seat away at winter storage in awaiting for next spring.  But before you put them away, it can be smart to make them ready for next season.


Tips for cleaning of bicycle and Hamax bicycle child seat;

  • Clean bike and child seat with lukewarm mild soap water.
  • Bicycle child seat: Remove the child seat from the bicycle and store in dry and preferably in a dark place.
  • Bicycle: Lubricate all moving parts. Make sure that no wires and chains are in tension. Unhook the brake wire, slack tension springs and put the chain on the smallest sprocket front and rear. Let out some air from the tires so you save the “springiness”. Hang the bike up on a couple of hooks.

Now your bicycle and child seat are ready to go into hibernation for the winter…

In the spring, we advise to double check all the settings on the child bike seat. Your child has grown since last fall, so safety harnesses and footrests should be readjusted for optimal comfort and safety.