Pluto L dog trailer

The Pluto bike trailer is ideal for the safe and comfortable transport of your dog on bike rides, especially for puppies and dogs with reduced mobility. With smart technical solutions such as low step-through, adjustable suspension, washable interior and good ventilation, it ensures a comfortable journey for your dog.

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€ 799


With Pluto, you can enjoy both bike rides and walks in one and the same stroller, and the smart accessories also make the trip more comfortable for the dog.

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HAM400502 Pluto L Bike trailer
Hamax pluto dog trailer bed

Dog bed

The bed is soft and at the same time stable, and invites cuddling and security for the dog. The dog bed fits perfectly in the bike trailer.

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HAM400502 Pluto L_1
Hamax pluto dog trailer rain cover

Rain cover

Practical rain cover that covers the front part of the bike trailer.

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Smart features

  • Adjustable suspension

    For optimal comfort and a smooth ride, the dog stroller has adjustable suspension that can be set in three different positions. This ensures a comfortable ride for your dog, no matter the terrain.

    HAM400502 Hamax Pluto_suspension
  • Front pocket

    The pocket on the front of the dog stroller is specially designed for convenient storage. Here you can easily store the stroller wheel when not in use, or other necessities such as toys, water bottles, snacks, or your dog's equipment.

    HAM400502 Hamax Pluto_storing stroller wheel
  • Side window that can be opened

    The dog stroller is equipped with mesh side windows that can be opened and closed for optimal ventilation and views. These windows also make it easier for dogs that have difficulty turning around, by providing a convenient way out directly from the side.

    HAM400502 Hamax Pluto_Navy_Black Open side windows
  • Collapsible

    The innovative folding mechanism makes it easy to fold up and fold the dog stroller instantly. This makes the stroller easy to take with you on the go or store compactly when not in use.

    HAM400502 Hamax Pluto_folded
  • Comfortable and washable interior

    The floor and bottom walls of the dog stroller are designed with cleaning in mind. These parts are removable, making it quick and convenient to keep the trolley clean and hygienic.

    HAM400502 Hamax Pluto back_open
  • The bike arm is stored in its own pocket

    The bike arm can be stored in a dedicated pocket inside the stroller when not in use. This makes it easy to switch between bike and trolley modes without taking up extra space.

    HAM400502 Hamax Pluto bicycle arm storing inside trailer

Product Specification

Technical Specification
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Maks vekt hund 40 kg / 88.18 lb
Maks høyde hund sittende 82cm / 2.69ft
Tillat totalvekt (hund + bagasje) 40 kg / 88.18 lb
Sykkelvognents vekt (inkl. sykkelarm) 18.8 kg / 41.4 lb
L x H x W stående 110 x 80 x 84 cm
L x H x W sammenslått
Invendig lengde 100 cm
Innvendig høyde 80 cm
Innvendig bredde 40 cm
Hjuldimensjon 20
  • Approved according to EN15918
  • Safety hooks for inner belts
  • Slide-on wheel with reflector strips
  • Aluminium frame with roll bar
  • Low step-through and centre of gravity
  • Front, rear and both sides opening for easy access
  • Adjustable suspension for maximum comfort for your dog
  • Comfortable and washable interior
  • Parking brake
  • Safety hooks for inner belts
  • New, innovative bike mount
  • Lockable bike arm
  • Smart storage for the bike arm
  • Height-adjustable handle
  • Stroller wheel and bike arm included
  • Removable wheels
  • Easy to fold/unfold