Cocoon bike trailer

Cocoon combines urban elegance with impressive versatility. It can easily be used as a bike trailer, stroller, jogging stroller and sled, making it an ideal choice for all families. This flexibility means that Cocoon can handle different types of terrain and activities, ranging from city walks to ski trips.

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€ 1,249


A bicycle arm and stroller wheel are included, but with accessories specially adapted to the different activities, the possibilities are versatile.

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HAM400231 - HAM400232 - 6

Bike trailer

With the Cocoon you can bring the children on exiting trips, ride the bike to kindergarten or go shopping. No matter what the day brings, the kids have their own safe haven in the trailer.

HAM400231 - HAM400232 - 9

Jogger wheel

With a jogger wheel you can bring the kids on the regular training session so that you can maintain your daily routines. The wheel is ideal not only for jogging, but also for use during winter time in the snow or if you choose to walk through challenging terrain with the trailer.

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HAM400235 - HAM400236-1


The stroller wheel enables a smooth transition of the Cocoon from bicycle trailer to stroller. Ride the bike to town, change into stroller mode while you do your shopping, then switch back to bike mode before returning home – it can hardly be easier.

HAM400235 - HAM400236-23

Skiing kit

Replace with the ski attachment during the winter and keep enjoying the outdoors! The adjustable harness and suspension ensures a comfortable experience for both the skier and the passenger.

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HAM490020 Baby insert2

Baby insert

The comfortable baby insert allows you to bring even a newborn baby for a stroll. It is plenty of room for a brother or sister so that they can explore wonderful trips together. The baby insert can only be used in stroller mode.

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Smart features

  • Detachable bag

    The bag is attached to the back of the stroller. It's removable, so you can take it into stores, coffee shops – or just store extra diapers, pacifiers and other essentials.

    HAM400231 - HAM400232 - 2
  • Soft and comfortable seats

    Cocoon is equipped with top-class seats that give children the opportunity to sit softly and comfortably for a longer period of time. The seats are designed to offer the best comfort, so that your rides are as comfortable as possible.

    HAM400235 Hamax Cocoon Grey-Black front
  • Integrated rain cover

    The rain cover is placed in a pocket at the back, and can be quickly pulled over the stroller if a rain shower should suddenly surprise you.

    HAM490023-HAM400235 - HAM400236-integrated-raincover2
  • Brake on handle

    The easily accessible brake will help reduce the speed of the stroller, and will be especially useful when strolling or jogging down sloping hills with a load in the stroller.

    HAM400236 Cocoon jogger pink background
  • Adjustable suspension

    Ensures that the ride is stable and comfortable for the child.

    HAM400235 Hamax Cocoon Grey-Black Stroller wheel side
  • Individual recline

    The seats can be reclined individually, so that one child can sleep in a relaxed position while the other is awake and enjoys the view from a more upright position

  • Sun shading and mesh

    Cocoon has integrated both sun protection and mesh that gives children protection from the sun and at the same time provides good ventilation. This ensures a comfortable and safe ride in all weathers.

    HAM400235 Hamax Cocoon Grey-Black sunshade
  • Innovative folding

    Breeze can easily be folded flat, and the wheels can be stored inside for convenient storage. This makes it easy to both store and take with you, perfect for people on the go.

    HAM400231 Hamax Cocoon Green-Black- folded

Product Specification

Technical Specification
  • Technical Specification
  • Security
  • Properties
  • Compatible products
  • User manuals and instructions
Maks vekt på barn 22 kg
Maks høyde barn 117 cm
Minimum alder sykling About 9 months, must be able to sit
Minimum alder (med tilbehøret babysete) Newborn, strolling only
Tillat totalvekt (barn + bagasje) 42 kg
Sykkelvognens vekt (inkl. sykkelarm) 17 kg
L x H x W sammenslått 98 x 32 x 66 cm
L x H X W stående 115.5 x 96 x 79 cm
Total bagasje bak setene 2 kg
Interiør høyde 58 cm
Interiør bredde
Hjuldimensjon 20"
  • Approved according to EN15918/EN1888
  • Aluminium frame with roll bar
  • Aerodynamic design with a low center of gravity provides secure stability
  • Height-adjustable handlebar with tip-over protection
  • Handbrake on the handlebar
  • Parking brake
  • 5-point harness
  • Wheels with reflective stripes
  • Detachable bag attached at the back for smart storage and easy to take with you
  • Individually reclining seats
  • Integrated handbrake
  • Parking brake
  • 5-point harness
  • Comfy cloud seat padding
  • New, innovative bike mount
  • Lockable bike arm
  • Smart storage of the bike arm under the stroller
  • Adjustable suspension for maximum comfort
  • Easy to switch between different usage modes
  • Aerodynamic design with a low center of gravity for good stability
  • Height-adjustable handle with vegan leather
  • Integrated rain cover
  • Adjustable sun visor integrated
  • Removable wheels
  • Pockets for small items on the inside
  • Top window for easy contact with your child
  • Easy to fold